Bill Sorensen's "Happy Holidays 1999" Letter

This is a letter that I received from Bill Sorensen when Cathy was suffering from Pulmony Fibrosis in December 1999.

Well can you believe it another year gone by already? We hope that this note finds everyone well and happy. Cathy and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope everyone will be ready for the new millenium. We both have a lot to be grateful for this past year and we want to thank you all for your many kind thoughts and deeds. Cathy seems to be somewhat stabilized with her disease and still has her good days and bad, but she still makes good use of all her good days by shopping and visiting with friends. Although she is still too ill to be officially on the transplant list we have some encouraging information from a new doctor at UCLA about a new medication that might help her feel better and even possibly help her get into a condition that will help get her on the transplant list. So hopefully the new millenium will bring very good things to us!!

I am still having my usual headaches and dizziness, but I have been off of all medication for the last month just to see if I can improve without the miracle of chemistry. I hope so because so far all that has been happening with the medications is my usual symptoms and the additional side effects from the medications. That is not too enjoyable!! After this month if nothing seems to be changing I will see if the doctors have any other ideas for me to try. Again we are hoping that the new millenium will be bringing good things to us.

Colby is doing well with his job at Cal-Air and he is in the process of buying a house in Lake Elsinore. He is very excited about that. He will finally have an address that all of his mail can go to without having to stop and check at his grandfathers or our house whenever he had a chance to do so. Now he will be looking for things to fill his house with and I am sure that he will be kept quite busy after work with the normal upkeep that comes with owning a house.

Andy and Patti are also doing well. They gave us some good news about another grandbaby on the way, due in June. So Caitlin is going to have a brother or sister to help her mom with. Patti recently took her test for certification in court reporting and she is anxiously awaiting the results. This is an extremely difficult test and she should find out soon whether she has passed or not. Andy has polished his new boat about 100 times since he bought it so he has been pretty busy. They both have been slowly fixing up their house and the backyard and it has really turned out well. They still have a ways to go but they both have been very busy.

Kris has been very busy. He enjoys his job at Cal-Air working with Colby a lot. I think he is still looking for the company that wants to hire a nineteen year old CEO so he can get right down to business and earn a six figure income without any more training!!! GOOD LUCK KRIS. He has been busy around the house and started to remove all the wallpaper in his room. It is quite a project, but I think he has all the hard part done now so it should not take him much longer. He is getting ready to go back to school and take some classes that will be good for his air-conditioning work, so that will keep him pretty busy for the next year.

Well enough of what we are doing and back to the holiday rush. Again thank you all for what you have been doing for us, we could not have made it without you. We both constantly thank our lucky stars for all of our great friends and relatives who have helped us so much for so long. Have a great holiday season and a wonderful NEW MILLENIUM. With Love, Bill and Cathy Sorensen.

My Notes:

(I need to contact Bill Sorensen for more information)