Uncle Richard - Boy Scout at top left

My guess is that these businessmen from "Westinghouse Electric Supply Company" have treated these kids to a Christmas party.

A suprise. Before scanning the photo, I never noticed any of the other kids in the photo. When I scanned it, the photo was magnified twice the size as it is now. First I noticed that the boy on the last step looked a lot like my dad then I noticed that the boy in the middle row left looked a lot like Uncle Alex. Richard is three years older than Alex and four years older than my dad. I'm pretty sure it's them.

Here's a photo of Aunt Dora holding Cousin Becky.

Here's a photo of Uncle Richard Ronstadt (Aunt Helen's husband) with Becky.

Well Patsy, I don't know what to say. The first child gets all the photos and by the time the second one comes along, well...