The Pearl

It's sad to say that the only memories I have of Grandma Jurado is of her being bedridden because of cancer. It's been almost 60 years but I can still remember her bedroom, which was located off the kitchen, and even the location of the bed.

One particular day,when I was probably about 4 or 5 years old, while playing in the backyard, I found a loose pearl in the dirt. To me it was something valuable so I thought it would make a great gift to give Grandma.

From the look on her face when presenting her with the pearl, you would have thought that I just gave her the Hope Diamond. Her eyes lit up, a big smile came over her face, and of course I got a big hug.

Looking back now I guess Grandma obviously knew this humble offering was not something that was given from a parent to a child with instructions to "give this to Grandma", it was a gift from a 5-year-old boy that came straight from the heart.

(Submitted by Tom Jurado)