(c. 1943) Los Angeles, CA

This picture was taken in front of their home on Boyle Ave in Boyle Heights.

Each star on the banner in the background represents a family member serving in the Armed Forces during WWII. As you can see, they had six of their seven sons on active duty all at the same time in both the European and Pacific theaters of Operation.

Grandma was always a devout Catholic and attended mass daily at St. Anthony's Church on Brooklyn Ave (now Cesar Chavez Ave). Sometime during this period she made a promise to God that if all of her sons returned safely from the war, she would crawl on her knees down the aisle in the church to the altar. She kept her promise.

Manuel, being the oldest son, was too old for the draft or enlistment but he did have a son who was in the Air Force during WWII (see "The Great Jurado").