c.1902, El Paso, TX

The wedding day of my grandparents, Jose de Jesus Jurado born 4 Jul 1876 in Socorro, Texas and Jesusita Licon born 28 Dec 1887 in Chihuahua, Mexico.

My Notes:

Received an e-mail from Antoinette dated March 17th, 1999 at 22:11 which states:

Great news. I just got back from the Family History Center and now have a wedding date for that Wedding picture.

The marriage record is as follows:

Sacred Heart Church, El Paso, Texas
24 Juii 1902 (Latin: I believe it's July)
Jose de Jesus Jurado, resident of El Paso, of Socorro, Texas
son of Tiburcia Jurado
Maria de Jesus Licon, resident of El Paso, of Santa Cruz
daughter of Manuel Licon and Leandra Ramirez
Witnesses: Jesus Salazar, Francisca Licon
Alberto Gonzales, Teresa Solis

Thanks Antoinette. The results of your research continue to give this web site integrity and your help is much appreciated.