Lazy Young Men

My dad told me this story several years ago, and I still find it very funny.

My grandfather, Jose, was blessed with good health and lived until the age of 92. He was a hard working man and was always working on the house or in his garden. At the age of 80 or older, he decided he wanted a new roof on his house. He apparently hired some help and was working right along side of them, climbing ladders and carrying materials up to the roof. I guess Grandpa wasn't too happy with the way the others were working and he complained to my dad that these "young men" were "lazy and slow".

My dad, who was probably in his 40's at the time, thought he had better go and visit while they were working to see for himself just how lazy and slow these "young men" were. Well, according to my dad, he was totally surprised to find that these "young men" were well into their 60's! Of course he couldn't say anything.

(Submitted by Tom Jurado)