"Grandpa Jurado:

My Memories" by Bobby Alcala

"The Rug"

This happened while Grandma and Grandpa lived in the house on Boyle Ave.

One night, cousin Rudy, my brother Tony, and myself were playing in the house. There was a loose rug and somehow Tony and I rolled Rudy in the rug and we were all laughing, but pretty soon Rudy wanted to get out because it was too tight and he was having a hard time breathing but for some reason we had a hard time getting him out.

I guess around this time Grandpa had heard the commotion, came out and was able to extract Rudy from the rug rather quickly.

Grandpa wanted to know why we had done this and then gave us all a few words.

"Grandpa's Work Ethic"

This next story happened in 1950 when my dad had bought a Buick.

My dad had wanted to park the car in the garage but the garage had a dirt floor. So soon after, my dad had someone pour the concrete while Tony, myself, my dad, and Grandpa worked to spread the concrete while it was being poured.

Tony and myself soon realized just how much work this was and we quit, my father was the next to stop, and of course grandpa was still at it until the work was done and it was correct.

"Grandpa's Several Retirements"

I can only guess that he first retired at age 65. So here goes.

After retiring Grandpa would keep the same routine as if he were still working, getting up at the same time, having breakfast, then going outside. He would work outside until lunch, come in and have lunch then go back outside to work around the yard. He would stop working in the yard and go back inside around the time he normally would be getting home from work. Grandpa would then have supper then go to his room. This was his daily routine.

After about a year he went back to work and because he was good, he had no problem being accepted back. He worked for some time (I don't remember exactly how long) and retired again. However, this time I don't think he was off for too long when he went back again. This time while working he was hit on the forehead by a hook on a hoist. The cut required several stitches but he was back to work the next day. He did not have to go back so soon but to him I guess he felt he had an obligation, so he went. He worked for a while more and then he retired for the last time.

I think at this time a house was found for him in El Monte where he did move and stayed to the end.

At one time he was asked if he wanted to live with one of his children and he said no. He said that no one could stand him, he had his way and did not want to change.

While there in El Monte, he would work in his yard and grow things. Also every day he would walk to the local store and get just what he needed for that day. This way he would keep busy and stay fit by walking.

"Grandpa's Last Christmas"

On this particular Christmas, my wife Joelle and I were living in La Puente. My parents came to the house before going to Grandpa's and we did the normal Christmas things. My parents then said they were leaving for Grandpa's house and we said we would get cleaned up and meet them there later, around 1:00 p.m.

Joelle and I arrived at Grandpa's house around 1:00 p.m. but we were obviously the first to arrive. When we walked into the kitchen, Grandpa was sitting there at the kitchen table and was ready to eat. He had prepared a turkey and had been waiting for his kids to arrive. When he saw me and my family, he started to get angry.

"Where are all my kids!", he was yelling as he pounded his fist on the kitchen table. "They all know that I eat at twelve and they are not here!". He pounded the table again. "I waited one hour and I am not waiting any longer!". While I was catching flak, Joelle got to the phone and started calling everyone as fast as she could, telling them to get over to Grandpa's because he is very angry. Grandpa continued to yell at me and I knew it really wasn't me he was mad at, it was just that I happened to be the first to arrive.

Who arrived next, I don't remember, but they too got the same speech, although not as loud and without the pounding of the fist. As people started to arrive he became calmer and his old self again. He even became happy when he started taking pictures with the new additions born into his family.

As for my parents, after leaving my house they drove by a church and went in for the mass. They didn't get to Grandpa's until around 2:00 p.m.

This was Grandpa's last Christmas and I will remember it forever.