The Closing of Whittier Boulevard, by Frank Romero

There have been many articles written about cousin Frank in various newspapers and magazines. The painting shown above was scanned from an article in the November/December/ January 1992/1993 issue of SouthWest Profile magazine.

Frank also painted "Going to the Olympics", a mural that was done in 1983 for the 1984 Olympics, and was painted on the side of the Hollywood Freeway (Rte.101) in downtown Los Angeles. (Click here to see photo of mural).

When speaking with Frank recently, he said another painting of his can be found at: The National Museum of American Art. (Once you access that website, you'll need to use the Search option, then select 'Search for Artist Represented in the Collection'. It's actually easier than it sounds.)

Early photos of Frank and family can be seen on the "Aunt Delia" page.