Stories from the second granddaughter,
Mary Helen Duran Ramirez Robledo Munoz:

When I was little, about 3 or 4 years old, I remember when Grandma and Grandpa lived on Utah Street, we lived below. It was a gray building. Grandma always went to say her prayers at 12:00 noon and I was the only one allowed in the room with her when she said her prayers. I copied everything she did. I didn't know what she would say but I moved my lips like she did. I hit my heart like she did and I pounded on the floor like she did as she knelt and prayed. I imagine she was asking for a big favor when she pounded on the floor.

As I got older and was married to Larry Ramirez, I lived at apartments on State Street near Grandma's house on 2nd Street. If I did not go to Grandma's one day, she would send someone to call me to go to the house so she could speak to me just to ask me, "He cambio la luna que no has venido?". (Did the moon change since you did not come over?) She always expected me to visit.

(Dichos from Grandpa)

On 2nd and State Streets, I borrowed a few dollars from my Grandpa and I'd say, "Gracias", and he'd say, "No me des las gracias hasta que me pages!" (Don't thank me until you pay me back.)

"Si no mires abajo, nunca te vas hallar nada!"
"If you never look down, you'll never find anything!"