Helen Jurado

I remember Aunt Helen having a birthday party for her daughter Sandy around Halloween. It was held in her back yard when they were living in Norwalk, which was probably around 1951 or 1952. It was fun. I remember bobbing for apples and playing other games.

Aunt Helen loved parties, but most of all she loved kids.

Many years later Helen would become the organizer of our annual Easter picnics. There is no doubt that she put a lot of work into handling it each year.

For a number of years the picnic was held at Thompson Park in Bellflower, across the street from where she lived.

On the day of the picnic she probably started before it was light outside by taking whatever cooking utensils she'd need for the day along with the food she had prepared. She always had the Easter egg hunt for the kids, which included the plastic eggs with money in them. Helen was also always one of the last to leave at the end of the day after having cleaned up the site and taking leftovers and all the cooking equipment back home.

For years after we stopped having the picnics I always felt something missing around Easter time. I had also told myself numerous times, "I've got to say 'Thanks Helen, for all the work you did in organizing those picnics'". Well, year after year went by and before I knew it, Helen was gone.

She loved the family, she enjoyed life and most of all she loved the kids. I know it's late but I would just like to say, "Thanks Helen. I just want you to know that you made a lot of people happy while you were here whether you know it or not. We appreciate all the work that you did in bringing us all together and we will never forget you".

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