Adele "Dolly" Hernandez
March 8, 1922 - July 10, 1999
Dolly, The "First Cousin"
contributed by Antoinette Duran Silva

Dolly was proud of the fact that she was "the first cousin," a title she acquired by being Grandma's and Grandpa's first born grandchild. She was the first born child of the first born child. She was the daughter of Manuel Jurado and Lilly Higuera Redona . Of course, she was also the first niece of her many aunts and uncles.

She was born March 8, 1922. This made her 30 years older than me and a member of my mom's generation. My mom, Annie Jurado, was 5 years old when her niece Dolly was born. That July my mom had her 6th birthday. My mom remembers that she spent lots of time with Dolly as they were growing up. She'd often visit her brother Manuel, and Dolly spent a lot of time at her Grandparents' house. My mom remembers two incidents in particular. One occurred when my mom wanted Dolly to go to camp with her when they were children. There was no extra room during the original week my mom had planned to go to camp with her friends, so she and Dolly went the following week. My mom remembers being sad that she did not get to go with her friends, but she was happy that Dolly was able to go with her. She also remembers that when she was already married, with very young children, Dolly served her breakfast in bed which made her feel quite special!

As those of you who have read the story of my first year of genealogy research may know, Dolly was the one who invited me to attend my first genealogy meeting in 1993. We also attended a genealogy conference, additional meetings over the years, and spent many hours together searching microfilm and microfiche for family records. We were able to obtain copies of Grandpa Jurado's baptismal record and those of his siblings. We learned about his mother, Tiburcia Jurado, and her parents Juan Jurado and Gregoria Cadena of Socorro, Texas. We learned about the history of the entire area known as El Paso del Norte which was settled in the 1600s. We also learned about the man who is probably Grandpa's father and his impact on El Paso history. In addition to Jurado ancestry, we tried to locate records for our Licon family. At the same time that Dolly contacted me to begin research with her, she contacted some of our Licon cousins and through her I met Art Estrada and Robert Lopez, descendants of Grandma's sister, Catarina Licon. They were able to share records and photos and Art did research to record where our great grandparents, Manuel Licon and Leandra Ramirez are buried at Calvary Cemetery.

In 1992 we had our Jurado Family Reunion and Dolly collected information on Grandma and Grandpa's descendants and entered it into her computer. In 1993, when she gave me a copy of this information, there were over 200 individuals listed. Some had not yet been recorded and since then our family has grown. Dolly was instrumental in getting copies of precious photos of our Grandparents and their children. Thanks to our wonderful cousin, Tom Jurado, many of these photos are now on display for all of us to see on "The Jurado Family of Boyle Heights" website. Tom and I believe that this is part of the vision Dolly had regarding our family sharing information with each other. Dolly was an inspiration to me. I have spent much of the 1990s researching the rich history we have in America. I enjoyed the times I spent with Dolly over the years and am grateful that I said "yes" when she asked me to join her in our genealogy research. I will truly miss her, but Tom and I hope that you will continue to share your photos and stories as a lasting legacy of our family and thus we can continue with the dream of our first cousin, Dolly.