Delia Jurado
If you know Delia's granddaughter CoCo, you might think this was her.

The dapper Edward "Sheik" Romero and Aunt Delia.

"Sheik" was a good friend of the Alcala brothers, Louis and Jay. The Alcala brothers were originally from Ventura and met "Sheik" while they were living in the house on Savannah Street.

The name "Sheik" came about because he was always well dressed, they would say, "here comes the Sheik" and from then on, they were close friends.

Edward is holding Jerry on his lap and Richard is standing.

Here is the Romero family with Richard on the left and Frankie "The Artist" on the right.

Of course the family wouldn't be complete without Jerry, Delia and Edward's youngest son.

My thanks to Richard and Carmen Romero & family for pulling out the old trunk and providing us with these photos.