David H. Jurado

[Submitted by Martha Jurado Arriola]

David was the spark of the family.

He served in the Army during WWII as a Staff Sergeant and earned the Bronze Star. He was a Master Chef and ran such a good kitchen that my brother Richard said he had quite a few write-ups and everyone wanted to eat in his kitchen. He even had tablecloths in his kitchen that he had 'acquired' through the blackmarket.

David worked in the Produce Market in downtown Los Angeles when he was 11 years old and quit school at the age of 15 to work full time. He was very good at math and could figure out everything in his head.

He loved his sisters and sisters-in-law so much that he gave them all expensive jewelry.

David was a member of the Los Angeles Music Center and had eight season tickets every year until he died on Jan 3, 1986. He was a second father to myself as well as several of his nieces and nephews.

When my mother was bedridden with a stroke, he hired someone to come and take care of her. He was a very loving son. He was very much like my mother in that he was always giving. When he passed away, so many people called and said how much he had helped them out. Like my mother, he would help others, not only family.

David always made Christmas and Easter very special for his sisters and in-laws, buying them big beautiful boxes of candy and big Easter baskets.

My Notes:

David loved to joke and laugh but he also had a very sensitive side. In 1963, my senior year in high school, David took me with him to have our hair cut & styled at Jay Sebring's Salon.

Each barber had his own station in a small room. As David was having his hair cut, I was looking through magazines in the next room and listening to David and the barber talk. When the conversation turned to David's years in the military service, I remember David admitting that he had cried a lot because he had missed his family so much.

He was special to everyone who knew him.