Annie Jurado
Annie Jurado married
(1) Arturo Duran from Arizona. Their children: Mary Helen, Dolores, Arthur David (Dicky Boy), William, Joseph, and Edward.
(2) Antonio Mestas Duran from New Mexico. Their children: Cecelia, Antoinette, and Robert.

Mary Helen

When I sent this photo to Antoinette to ask if that was Eddie on the left, Joe and Eddie just happened to be there at her house.

Apparently both Joe and Eddie thought that when they were young, they were the best dressed kids in Boyle Heights. Well, needless to say, they were shocked when they saw this picture.

They haven't been well since.

Annie, Cecelia, and Antoinette

Easter c. 1956-7

and Cecelia

Aunt Annie, Cousin Billy, Billy's wife Linda, and Maryhelen

This picture was provided by Cousin Billy's son Arthur Edward Duran. Arthur wrote, "I am attaching a beautiful picture of my mother and father I believe it was Easter around 1960 I was not born yet. In the picture is grandma Annie (your aunt) and Maryhelen (your cousin) she is also my nina (and Frankie Ramirez is my nino.)"