Alex Jurado

As you can see, the good looks just seem to run in this family, thank you.

Uncle Alex signed this photo, "To The Swellest Parents In The World, Love Alex".

My brother and I used to stay overnight at Uncle Alex and Aunt Gerry's sometimes during the summer so that we could play with their sons Rocky and Randy.

I remember sometimes waking up very early in the morning to the sound of an electric razor - Uncle Alex would be getting ready for work. It's funny, the things you remember as a kid.

Alex and Gerry together had five kids: Raye, Rocky, Randy, Jimmie, and Artie.

Aunt Gerry & Uncle Alex

Cousin Lanny sent this photo and said that this is one of his Uncle Art's pictures of Alex and Gerry taken while Art was building a house for himself.

Does Gerry look glamorous or what.