Small World

O.K. let me see if I can get this straight.

This guy, Mike Parra is visiting a mutual friend of Cousin Michael Alcala. Mike Parra notices the video, "The Men" and says, "Hey, I know someone that happens to be in that movie". Mike Parra and Michael Alcala start to talk about Cousin Art Jurado. A day or two later I get the following e-mail from Mike Parra.

Tom: Recently I paid a visit to your relative Mike Alcala. Art Jurado came up in the conversation. I told Mike that Art was a special friend to my family. Not only was Art a friend, he was considered part of our family. Art and my father Rudy Parra met during the war. They had served in the armed forces together. After the war, Art and my father continued to be friends. My mother Bertha Carrillo Parra met Art and favored Art in a special way. Art became a godfather to my parents first born, Anthony Parra. Art saw my brother as his own son. At Anthony's baptismal, Art baptized Anthony as Anthony Allan Parra. From that day, Art referred to Anthony as his son. Since Anthony's baptism our family has always called him Allan, as respect to Art. Today we still acknowledge my brother Anthony by his baptismal name, Allan. Eventually, Art introduced his brother Manuel to my parents. Even after Art's unfortunate death, Manuel continued to be my family's friend. At times, since Manual was in real estate sales, Manuel and my father Rudy Parra sometimes did real estate projects together. Recently I spoke to my mother Bertha Carrillo Parra about Art. She said she still has pictures of Art holding my brother Allan in his lap when Allan was still an infant. My mother said she would like to give you a copy of this picture of Art and my brother so you can add it to your family tree. Since I was a child when Art became ill, I remember very little of him. I do remember though, going with my parents to visit Art at the hospital where Art spent his last days on Earth. Art would look out the window of his room to say hi to me and my sister. My sister and I were too young to be allowed in Art's hospital room, so we would say hi to him from outside his room. Today we still refer to my brother Anthony as Allan, the name given to him by Art. My mother still speaks to us as if Art might come over to our home to visit us.

Art left a special place in my mom's heart. Her and my father loved Art very much. My dad has always referred to Art as a war hero and a close relative of ours. Over the years we lost contact with Art's brother Manuel. When we were beginning real estate ventures of our own, my sister, brother, and myself would always ask Manuel for advice.

Well Tom I better e-mail this to you and I hope you respond. I saw your web site, two thumbs up. Good luck in your search to continually develop your family tree.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Parra

My Notes:

After sending e-mail back and forth several times, Mike Parra and I finally met in person on July 30, 2000. He brought the three photos that his mom had mentioned. The first photo below is a picture of Mike's father, Rudy Munoz Parra and his mom, Bertha Carrillo Parra is on the right. The woman on the left, holding Anthony Allan Parra, is Art's girlfriend and I'll need to find out her name.

The third photo from the Parra family is in "The Great Jurado" page.

I would like to thank the Parra family for being so thoughtful in sharing these photos with us.