Aunt Laura and Louis Alcala

Laura and Louis together had Arlene, David (Slimmy), Celia, Lucille, Tommy, Paul, Martha, Dee-Dee, and Michael.

Arlene Alcala & Bobby Flores

Trivia Question: What event were they being photographed for?

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Arlene, David, Celia, and Lucille

Cousin Tom and I attended Salesian High school but he was in the first graduating class of 1962, I graduated in 1963.

When we would pass each other in school, the conversation would usually go something like this, "Hi Tom", "Hi Tom".

Here's cousin Paul.

He's always been a little behind in the fashion department, what can I say. He's been wearing that Nehru jacket now for almost 30 years - when's someone going to tell him?

Paul, send in a more recent photo of yourself!

Cousin Michael with Cousin Dolores' daughter Arlene.

Dolores and Arlene were visiting from Texas in late June and since Arlene is also a long distance cyclists, her and Michael made plans to do some serious riding while she was here.

Answer: Uncle Richard and Rose Molina's Wedding