The Texas Connection

from Dolores Flores

Dolores Flores, Dora Jurado's eldest daughter, married Albert Aranda, Jr. on October 25, 1962 in San Diego, California. This union produced five children, Loretta Dora, Christina Elva, Ernest Flores, Arlene Dolores and Michelle Yvonne. Of these only Loretta was born in Los Angeles. The other four children were born in San Marcos, Texas and have lived there most of their lives.

Dolores was divorced from Albert in 1978 and raised these children from then on (inspired by my aunt Annie). Loretta graduated from college in 1985 and is currently working for the Attorney General's office and living in Austin, Texas which is 35 miles from San Marcos.

Christi is employed by Academy Stores and also lives in Austin with her "significant other", Larry Mann and they both enjoy cycling and golfing in their spare time. Ernest is employed by Best Buy Stores and lives in San Marcos. He commutes to Austin daily. He is single and enjoys golfing, traveling and cooking. We can usually count on some great desserts at family gatherings from Ernie.

Arlene lives in San Marcos with Scott Heinize in an older home in downtown San Marcos with their dog, Rio. She works for the City of San Marcos as an Activity Director at our City Activity Center and is a cyclist and an enthusiastic frisbee golfer, he is a carpenter for a custom home builder, she and Scott also enjoy golfing and various other sports.

Last, but not least, is Michelle, who is currently employed by Pedernales Electric Coop in Kyle, Texas which is about 13 miles from San Marcos, Texas. She also enjoys golf and volleyball and is pretty active with her soccer team. She also is single and lives with four other girls in a large home in the country.

Dolores is not, at this time anyway, a grandmother and probably will not be in the near future. I keep telling my children that they better hurry up, but they are not in any hurry to do anything about this.

I am very happy and proud of my wonderful family.

I have lived in San Marcos, Texas since 1963 and feel that this has been a great place to raise my children. I try to visit my family in California as often as possible and can sometimes even talk one or two of my kids to come along with me.

Cousin Dolores at Aunt Martha's, 1996 or 97

Left to right: Arlene, Christi, Lori & Ernie on the Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX, April 1994

Michelle with Bennigan and his sister Chelsea, September 1993

Update from Michelle

received 3/11/2010

Michelle Yvonne Aranda married Brian Christopher Kircher on November 10, 2001. We are members of Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Austin, TX.

We have two girls, Ashlyn Makala, born May 7, 2003; and Mya Isabelle, born January 18, 2008. We are devoted parents and feel blessed to be given a chance to raise our children in a Christian and loving home.

Brian is a software engineer for Texas Instruments, and I am a very happy stay-at-home mom.

Our daughter, Ashlyn, attends Round Rock Christian Academy and is in their advance program for gifted and talented children. She loves music and currently teaches herself piano, and is very good too.

Mya was named after Maya Angelou, but we spelled it M Y A because those are my initials, including my maiden name. Mya will also attend RRCA when she's old enough. Right now I'm enjoying being with her at home.

We have five acres in Georgetown, TX. This is 60 miles north of San Marcos, where Grandma Aranda lives.

Brian and I still play soccer, but we also like to ride bikes. We ride for two causes every year, the Tour de Cure (a fund-raiser for Diabetes), and the MammaJamma ride, (the Texas ride for Breast Cancer).

We cherish the time that our children have with their grandparents, although my father passed away in 1993 to Lou Gehrig's Disease. My mom, Dolores Flores, has picked the best Granddaddy for my children, Epimenio Lucio. We call him Pepper for short. He's been a great paw-paw for my best girls.

Ashlyn & Mya

Kircher Family

Michelle & Ashlyn

Brian & Kids